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The many uses that Waterproof Memo Boards can be used for.

Back to School?

Most school colleges and universities have now been back for a good few weeks now. Teachers will not longer be forgiving if you are disorganised with getting your work in. A waterproof memo board can help you out here.

Use it as a planner for your homework. Write out your to-do-list on it, including your homework and when it has to be handed in. You can hang it on the wall or prop it up on the back of your desk and it will be there in its luminous colour as a constant, nagging reminder of what you need to do! You need not worry about spilling drinks on it as the pencil will not wash off and you will be able to easily change it when you hand work in and get given new things.

If you want to send a gift to someone just starting college of school then this can be a very useful thing for them to have. It has many uses as a memo board but is perfect if they need help with being organised.

Great for Gardeners!

Waterproof Memo boards are the ideal gift or purchase for gardeners. Often you may need to note things down in the garden, but a pencil and paper is not always ideal as it can get smudged with dirt or wet. A memo board is waterproof and so is the pencil used to write on it. This means that even if either the pencil or board, or both, are saturated with water, you can still use them and the pencil will not wash off. If it gets dirty, you can wash off the dirt, by running the board under a tap and the writing will not be erased unless you rub it.

If you are planning a garden design then you can write down your plans on the board and you can take them outside in all weathers. If you are taking measurements they are great for jotting things down. They are also perfect for gardeners who like to note things down in the garden, perhaps keeping track of how often they have fertilised or watered or when they sowed seeds etc. They are even great for anyone who has random ideas in the garden and needs a way to note them down before they are forgotten!

Uses in the Shower

The memo board was originally devised to use in the shower and it was almost called a shower board. The fact that it is waterproof means that it is easily possible to use in a bathroom and the writing will not wear off and the pencil still works when wet.

Some people do get great ideas when in the bath or shower as they relax. You could write them on the tiles with a chinagraph pencil, but it is probably much better to write them on one of our boards as you can move it out of the shower, to transfer the ideas on to paper or even photocopy them.

You may even find it useful for recording your weights on as most people keep scales in their bathroom, as well as ideas, lists and things like that.

The transparent board can easily be hidden in a bathroom if required or a florescent one can stand out easily.

Uses in Education

The waterproof memo boards are ideal in any educational situation when paper is not good enough. The transparent boards can be placed onto an overhead projector. This means that they can be given to groups within a class to jot down ideas and then placed on the overhead projector in order that the group members can explain their ideas back to the class. They are also an ideal waterproof notepad for making notes out of doors when doing field work or playground work. They are also useful for use during PE lessons for keeping scores or noting down teams or tactics even when it is raining or muddy.

Uses in Sport

The waterproof memo board can be used for many sports. The fact that it is waterproof means that it can be used in wet environments such as at a swimming pool or outdoors in any weather. It can be used for making notes, writing times etc.

For example in a swimming pool it could be used for noting down amounts of laps or lap times or even just for the coach / instructor to make notes about technique etc. It can even be used under water so it can be used even by the swimmer or diver themselves. It can be used in a domestic swimming pool / Jacuzzi or hot tub for noting down ideas.

For any sports which need lap times written down the waterproof memo board can be very useful. It could be raining or muddy and pen and paper are just not practical in this situation. So this is where the board comes in, you can use it in the wet and it easily wipes off if it gets muddy. You can even attach a stopwatch to the top of the waterproof memo board. Therefore great for use for motorcycling, scrambling, running, motor racing, go karting or bmxing.

The waterproof memo board is ideal for using when you are walking or hiking and for orienteering. If it is raining you can write down key directions on the board to save you having to get out your map in the wet.

The waterproof memo board is useful for writing things down at an ice rink. Great for noting down times for speed skating, scores for curling and instructions and notes for ice skating. As the boards are tough they are unlikely to break if dropped on the ice and unlike paper, will not spoil if they get wet.

The waterproof memo boards are great for writing down anything for any sport. Sailing, fishing, angling contests, athletics, golf, tennis, football and rugby. Really useful for coaches to jot down notes and for noting down team formations.

Uses around the Pool

It is difficult to write things down when you are in the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna or hot tub, but when you are relaxing or exercising it is common to have thoughts and ideas. It is impossible to write the ideas down on paper when you are wet. However the waterproof memo boards are ideal in this situation as they are fully water resistant. You can jot down anything from ideas for work to plans for a party even your shopping list.

Uses in Construction

The advantage of the waterproof memo boards in any outdoor situation is that they are fully water resistant and so any notes made will not be ruined if it rains. They are useful in any dirty situation as they can be cleaned without removing the writing on them.

The boards are light and portable so easy to carry around a site and are also tough so can stand up to some battering.

The high visibility boards will be ideal as they can be easily seen if dropped or put down anywhere.

Uses in Business

The waterproof memo board can be used in business as a portable white board. If you are having a meeting outside of the office, in a car, on the train or even in the canteen it can be used as a place to make notes. As it can be photocopied the notes can be distributed easily after the meeting. The transparent boards can be placed on overhead projectors so that the notes can be displayed to a group if necessary.

The boards are tough and lightweight so ideal for carrying around. The fact that they are waterproof means that if they need to be taken outside in damp conditions or have drinks spilt on them, the notes made will still be able to read, unlike paper notes which would be ruined.

Uses in the Home

There are many uses that the waterproof memo boards can be put to in the home.

Many people use it generally as a waterproof notebook. It can be used in the bathroom near to the bath or shower to jot down ideas when you are relaxing there. It is great beside the bed if you wake up in the night with an idea or remember something you need to get done. It is great for making a shopping list in the kitchen. It is extremely useful in the garden, perhaps for planning a layout or for writing lists. It can be useful for to-do-lists, homework, mind maps, drawings and as a toy for the children rather than them using a chalkboard.