Great for Gardeners!

Waterproof Memo boards are the ideal gift or purchase for gardeners. Often you may need to note things down in the garden, but a pencil and paper is not always ideal as it can get smudged with dirt or wet. A memo board is waterproof and so is the pencil used to write on it. This means that even if either the pencil or board, or both, are saturated with water, you can still use them and the pencil will not wash off. If it gets dirty, you can wash off the dirt, by running the board under a tap and the writing will not be erased unless you rub it.

If you are planning a garden design then you can write down your plans on the board and you can take them outside in all weathers. If you are taking measurements they are great for jotting things down. They are also perfect for gardeners who like to note things down in the garden, perhaps keeping track of how often they have fertilised or watered or when they sowed seeds etc. They are even great for anyone who has random ideas in the garden and needs a way to note them down before they are forgotten!