Uses in Sport

The waterproof memo board can be used for many sports. The fact that it is waterproof means that it can be used in wet environments such as at a swimming pool or outdoors in any weather. It can be used for making notes, writing times etc.

For example in a swimming pool it could be used for noting down amounts of laps or lap times or even just for the coach / instructor to make notes about technique etc. It can even be used under water so it can be used even by the swimmer or diver themselves. It can be used in a domestic swimming pool / Jacuzzi or hot tub for noting down ideas.

For any sports which need lap times written down the waterproof memo board can be very useful. It could be raining or muddy and pen and paper are just not practical in this situation. So this is where the board comes in, you can use it in the wet and it easily wipes off if it gets muddy. You can even attach a stopwatch to the top of the waterproof memo board. Therefore great for use for motorcycling, scrambling, running, motor racing, go karting or bmxing.

The waterproof memo board is ideal for using when you are walking or hiking and for orienteering. If it is raining you can write down key directions on the board to save you having to get out your map in the wet.

The waterproof memo board is useful for writing things down at an ice rink. Great for noting down times for speed skating, scores for curling and instructions and notes for ice skating. As the boards are tough they are unlikely to break if dropped on the ice and unlike paper, will not spoil if they get wet.

The waterproof memo boards are great for writing down anything for any sport. Sailing, fishing, angling contests, athletics, golf, tennis, football and rugby. Really useful for coaches to jot down notes and for noting down team formations.