About Us

Welcome to Waterproof Memo Boards

What we sell

We sell two types of memo boards, transparent and high visibility yellow. These have been designed with all sorts of uses in mind. They are suitable for more things than a normal memo board because they are waterproof meaning that they can be used outside, in the shower or even under water. They also have advantage over a waterproof note pad as they can be reused many times.

What they are for

Our customers use them for all sorts of things like sports, gardening, in the kitchen or for homework. Some even use them for the purpose they were designed for, which was jotting ideas down in the shower!

Where can they be sent

Boards can be sent worldwide and spare pencils can also be purchased to allow them to last a very long time. We hope that you enjoy learning more about them and are satisfied with your purchase if you decide to buy them.

How they Originated

The idea came about when standing in the shower waking up one morning I had “that” idea. One that could make me millions, but had no way to write it down. Sadly I forgot the idea, but it did get me thinking. How can I record an idea whilst in the shower. I seem to fully wake up there and anything that I have been pondering overnight gets resolved or the idea comes to me. After a lot of experiments with different combinations of products and techniques we came up with the original waterproof memoboard. Since then we have moved to version two. This version includes feedback from our initial customers and is easier to hang the board and store the pencil.

We collate uses of the board and if you find yourself using it in a new way, we would love to hear from you. I am also looking for any ideas for different sizes for a specific use. Email alex at bowbridgepublishing.com with your ideas, comments or suggestions. Thank you.